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The 22kW/11kW motor tow test bench produced by Lanling Technology has been registered on the officia
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The 22kW/11kW motor pair-to-towing test bench produced by Lanmec Technology has been launched on the official LinkedIn platform of Canadian customers!
Perfect for use in the field, the customer wants to continue to order a larger size test bench!
This set of products can mainly measure the input current, voltage, power factor, and electric power of the motor; the torque, speed, and power output by the motor; the motor efficiency; it can be used for load testing of the motor, and can also be used for the performance research and development test of the motor controller.
Lanmec Technology Professional manufacturer of motor test bench! "Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit"!
Lanmec Technology, the pursuit of excellence, the creation of high-quality domestic products, and the creation of a world brand!

Lanmec Technology official website: , welcome to browse more products of our company! Hotline: 400-111-3688!

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